the character’s shoulder almost never free, (hair, outfit), so the animal there is pointless. (i tried it with spider and its just lost there)

this is thematical pack. the theme the spellcasters, not the superheros 🙂 later i can make superhero pack too, but its not top priority, sorry

i made yesterday a golden mask, what is full faced as kabuki, but still i have to work on it, so yes, you can ask 🙂

yes. it will have weather / elemental effects, but i didnt finish with the character (im at around 20% now or less)

it will have many special effect on the character, just i have to finish the character itself :))

i dont see the stands pack is over used, but the next stands pack will be modern. if the modern packs will be released

edit: offtopic, but kelemelan, nice new avatar. i like it ! 🙂