thank you! i hope he likes tom cruise 🙂 (not my taste :))
(i put her a little down, because after one night i look some outfit to critical eyes. i removed some, and made some more.
i work on different thing right now, i will release it soon too 🙂
sometimes i need to stop, step back one, and check again. i often forget it, but its good, raise the quality.
i through the wiccan-shaman-witch-necromancer-woodoo will be in other pack, in this will be hermetic fantasy stuff, because im lost already 🙂 (i plan to here the alchemists too :))

wich colour and designed outfits want to see here? i dont promise, but if i can i add 🙂
as i noticed the mages mostly under-dressed females with ton of accessories, or over dressed simple ladies, with corset and cloak… 🙂

thank you again 🙂