Kelemelan: it will be steampunk pack too, now im focused the fantasy spellcaster theme (expect dark, necro magic). i wanted to make a “general” spellcaster light armor, with some unpractical addon (like in computer games, and wow), and alot of useful comfy, daily outfits. 🙂 I also want give some option for making element specialized clothes..
parchments, wands, staffs, books, potions.. components like? or smoking vials, and other things?
i plan to make magic circles with monster hands, tentacles, elements..

about companion. i plan to make dragons in every colour and size, domestical animals as common familiar.. but i have no idea what i forgot

she will have bag on her chestbelt, and normal belt, and separately 🙂
flower ok, i add it too, i plan only herbs 🙂 (which type of flower do you want, i make for you 🙂

crystal is good idea, thank you!