I’m gonna be surprising but I like lady Galadrial draped in full shining white robe from head to toe (classical ICE Lorien cover for the record 😉 ) so for once and as far as “standard” elves are concerned I’m not gonna push for more skin, quite the opposite. I like them lordly. 🙂

    Now that I’ve explained how I’m imagining things, out of http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/r1.jpg, I’d go for (left to right, then top to bottom) : 1, 3, and 7.

    4, 5 and 6 are extremely cute but my perspective (bear with me) would be to put them in some sort of low fantasy / female barbarian / bar wench pack. 😛 😉 Sorry, you know my perspective toward fantasy is somewhat unconventional. 🙂

    About http://epicgenerator.net/media/kunena/attachments/212/t2-2-3.jpg , I’d select: 1, 2, 5, 7 and 9

    With a more sword & sorcery setting in mind, add 3 & 4.

    I know I didn’t left much out. 😉 Hope I’ll be able to trim those ears a bit to use these girls as humans, eventually. 😉 😛

    I’m not using much elves nowadays.