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    first wip from female elf pack
    also shoot the special wishes about items to here 😀
    – necklare


    some skin example



      Woah, can’t wait for this and the male adventurer to come out!


      example tops1



      of course it have much more top, but i hope these gives an image too
      whioch you like?


        I’m gonna be surprising but I like lady Galadrial draped in full shining white robe from head to toe (classical ICE Lorien cover for the record 😉 ) so for once and as far as “standard” elves are concerned I’m not gonna push for more skin, quite the opposite. I like them lordly. 🙂

        Now that I’ve explained how I’m imagining things, out of, I’d go for (left to right, then top to bottom) : 1, 3, and 7.

        4, 5 and 6 are extremely cute but my perspective (bear with me) would be to put them in some sort of low fantasy / female barbarian / bar wench pack. 😛 😉 Sorry, you know my perspective toward fantasy is somewhat unconventional. 🙂

        About , I’d select: 1, 2, 5, 7 and 9

        With a more sword & sorcery setting in mind, add 3 & 4.

        I know I didn’t left much out. 😉 Hope I’ll be able to trim those ears a bit to use these girls as humans, eventually. 😉 😛

        I’m not using much elves nowadays.


          Ah, these are really nice!

          Just thinking, I was fidgeting around a bit with moon elves, and I thougth stardust mascara would be nice, I really the liked the make-up option in the first Elf Woman pack.

          I was thinking also about veils, a glittering silvery veil might be really great! But just thoughts, these look really nice as they are.


            I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong but iirc, original elf pack was using the same face shape for all characters. This isn’t true for season 2. Kinda hard to apply make up to a face that keeps on moving. Unless you do it manually. 😉


            i just picked some tope (really just few), the robe and similar outfits will be in “suit” and full set section (and yes, we already have few :))

            and yes, i will made many ear types from star trek to wow style :))


              If this is a new pack under development it may be worthwhile to consider how to make peices able to have a wider range of colors. Using lighter colors that can be darken or recolored.


              i set some ligert outfit, but i think LBandy will be able to make the items lighter.
              i am opposite to recoloring as the gfx person, because of quality loss, it is my thing.


              more sneak peek coming tomorrow


                I really like the new tops, all of them, they really add more options both for the typical good elf mage and for the evil / mysterious wood mage, or the seasoned fghter/ranger.


                some random generated






                  well ….Green 😛

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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