[quote=”sade” post=2495]you can make blondes and redheads via coloring slide, very dark and very light hair best with manually :)[/quote]

    In my experience, indeed, extreme hair color are really a challenge.

    I mean. The sliders work ok, provided you use a “white” hair base and then you try to do anything except black hair. But If you try to do black hair, it just won’t work.

    On the other hand, if you use a “black” hair base, you must end up with some kind of dark hair, or it won’t work either. i.e.: it won’t “feel” right.

    I’d welcome more “black” hair base btw. 🙂

    I understand they are tougher to recolor, but statistically, there should be more characters with darker hair. 😉 It’s just math.
    And at the moment, there are a lot of light hair bases you can’t recolor except to blonde or red (this is mainly true for female bases, I confess, but still 🙂 😛 )

    As usual, no pressure, no hurry. Forget it if it’s a pain. 🙂

    Just thinking aloud.