[quote=”Fasoldgames” post=2494]Hey, thanks for the link! Those sure are some stunning women!

I forgot to mention it, but the goddesses are more like goddesses of the entire world, not just the Arabian part. But I really would like to do an Arabian goddess indeed! I had a Lady of the Desert image somewhere, but can’t really find it anymore.

But I agree that Arabian princesses don’t really look like those in Frozen, for example :)[/quote]

You’re welcome, Fasold. You may have noted there are links to Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, Lebanese or Afghan women all around that same webpage. Please, help yourself. 🙂

I guess I used to play in a setting kinda like this one. Though the theogony felt more convoluted. 🙂

Oh, and I’m no Disney fan, especially since they did what they did with Marvel 😉

[quote=”Fasoldgames” post=2494]But I really would like to do an Arabian goddess indeed![/quote]

Sure you don’t want to rephrase that one ? 😆