[quote=”Ashesnei” post=4185]Hm, ok, had my fun with the game. Unfortunatly my boat can’t move anymore. Tried fishing. I click on the lower edge of the gamewindow to exit the fishing event and find my character and in his boat on the beach. I have to go over the fishing field to leave in direction sea, but than I’m in the fishing event again and can only leave downside. I’ll try with it with keyboard. Maybe it works.[/quote]

    A bug! You found a bug, with big shiny bug eyes!

    Sorry about that! I’ll check into it, and squash that bug!

    Update: Found it! You where not supposed to be able to access the fishing location while in the boat 🙂

    If you do, the whole thing kind of breaks. Fixed it, and will be uploading the updated version soon!

    Thanks for finding it!