Perhaps a bit off topic, but I had a conversation some time ago with my brother, about programming. In a computer game, you code in HTML or any other language, to make the computer display pictures on screen, play sounds, etc.

    And what is writing if not coding for the brain? 🙂

    You write words that are interpreted by the brain of the reader and images and perhaps even sounds are generated, by the all powerful brain computer. In a sense, I think programming and writing are similar.
    And perhaps a good computer RPG and a solid pen & paper RPG are therefore not so different?

    In essence, good storytelling is about ‘the suspension of disbelief’ I think it is called. And any good story basically adheres to that. Logic, believability. And flying pigs in a Star Trek cruiser? I think that kind of ruins any kind of immersion….but that’s my opinion of course.