You’re saying it, Caenis : “in a soup of danger. It’s fun.” ^_^

    I can certainly relate to that. Most prolly it’s fun and most prolly there’s danger involved, which can make it even more fun. 🙂

    Everything I’m saying is that I’ve spent weeks just talking to NPCs or PCs and my character evolved (that is the GM gave me XPs if you will) just because we all agreed that was fun and our common goals where reached… which was to enjoy ourselves. In some cases we just settled familial disputes 😉 I don’t expect an online game to give me XPs for that. Well a real life GM can, and he should since that’s how marriage counsellors and such become better afterall. 😛 ^_^

    That’s this leeway I’m looking for. The “anything goes” experience. (within reasons we can agree on on a case by case basis, but still, I can talk to a GM, computers are somewhat stubborn 😛 )