When I say I helped out players, there were no words said. I mean i got a few thank yous, but no one asked for anything. I just ran in, saw a problem and helped. A unique and amazing thing about GW2 is the dynamic way the world works. You see a player is low on health and you can just run in and heal or kill whatever is attacking them and keep going. Everyone who hits the thing gets equal credit so no one is out anything, no grouping or partying is required, but it feels more akin to helping out an NPC in a solo game. So in that respect, yeah… it’s still very solo. I do the same thing with NPCs. I see a guard is low on health I jump in. I can heal and help kill whatever is attacking him.

    But in any case, so really, you’d still need a GM to play your PnP game. What if someone designed a solo GM software? You could use it as a group or just for yourself… Probably, something like that already exists, but I was just thinking about it while waiting for my router/modem to restart…. Internet issues tonight.