If I read you correctly, you helped beginning players, resurrected a few and so on, so it’s not exactly solo. 😉

    Now for this kind of quick games, if I wanted to do something like that in PnP, I’d pick one GM, just one player for a quick fast paced game where there won’t be any interruption because players are not going to chitchat about their old aunt Mary since there’s only one player so he/she can be full time in the game and do whatever he/she pleases. If she’s a healer, what you’e describing would work fine, of course you’d be relating to NPCs played by the GM but as long as it’s fun… 🙂

    I seem to remember some trends about roleplaying without GM but tbh I’ve little to no faith in that one. I believe a GM is compulsory, because sometimes, the rules have to be bent, and that requires a human brain behind the steering will 😛 .