Oh god! I love that movie!!!! 😀 And the whole awful Barbarella style of lovemaking…. geez… 😀

    Yeah – I sometimes use a website for descriptive words when I’ve used the same ones rather a lot in my fiction called “Erotica for the Big Brain” but yeah… I know what you mean about getting banned for talking about stuff like this. I really wish people weren’t quite so prudish. But, you know… it is as it is, sadly. 😀 Thank goodness for writing fiction and Skyrim or I’d completely go out of my mind. 😀


    I think you have to be an adult to get the mods from Sexlab too, actually, but yeah… For sure there’s some kids out there messing around with it. Shoot, if I was still a kid, I’d be trying every mod out there. 😀 As for tech savvy… well, that depends on the parents. In my house my kids came to me for computer help.

    As for GMs refereeing, I think that’s why I like playing games my own way. 😀

    I’m really starting to sound kinda set in my ways, aren’t I? 😀