Yes! GW2 is a lot of fun. i have my male solo character now and he’s a blast. 😀 I showed him to my friend last night…. Introduced them, so to speak. (He’s a bit jealous of other men around me but he doesn’t seem to mind when I play a male character solo. Then later, he makes his characters look like my solo ones. It’s kinda cute.) 😀

    And as for sex in Skyrim, well, I can’t say it’s ALL class and subtlety, but I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m just so glad it’s available.


    And um….. sex is FAR more common than plagues and epidemics, thank goodness. And frankly, um… yeah, it is natural and yeah, it does happen. And yeah, I’m a woman saying all that. 😀

    I never will understand why in the world people are so afraid of it. I’m glad it’s in the Witcher games and the Dragon Age games. I hope they start a trend.