Just the updated version (I made the first in a rush so it wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be) here

    And the substitute which would take his place should his fight for freedom end prematurely.

    She currently has no name… she’s an half orc fighter, born out of affection between a female orc prisoner and a human soldier. They grew up the child together until a group of racist humans killed her father and forced the mother to flee with her.
    Her mother couldn’t grew her in a Orc settlement as their racism and hatred is even worst that that of humans, so they lived a lonely and traveling life until she came of age – when she was encouraget to find her own way in a world that rejected both of them. As of now her mother is doing well living as a hermit.

    I will expand a bit in the future – I needed the female barbarian pack to explore new aspect choices and I didn’t have the time to creatre a proper background or her character sheet.