Hello guys, it’s been a while I’ve been silent. Many things happened, mostly I changed PC a year ago and played everything I could not play on my old mule, I lost momentum for the creation of my campaign (also thanks to a player who keeps postponing sessions so we can’t play, we’re only three players and she’s my significant other so…) so no new characters in the last years and a half. Last but not least three weeks ago I finally got married <3

    In a twist of fate I found a willing group of connationals who wanted to play D&D 5th edition, all people I "know" on Internet from a while and whith whom I have good relations, and the master is a huge nerd and a master of several role-fu systems so... here's my latest character for you!

    (sorry but I can’t seem to upload anything here).

    He’s Rael Stormwind, an half-elf warlock, whose patron is Pandorym, a powerful fiend of destruction.
    His elven father was called back to his enclave, where his human mother wasn’t allowed. They lived not too poorly but sometimes had hard times meeting ends, until a local mage, Erasmus, saw magic potential in him and offered to teach and host him at the price of mundane services.

    Rael always held dreams of adventures and admiration from the population, but his studies protracted for a lot of time without appreciable results, until… a fateful night Rael bumped into a book owned by his master, opened to a page which described a strange ritual. Using his not-excellent-at-all abilities in readong Draconic he understood that it was a ritual which gave a whole lot of arcane power.

    Without his master knowledge and hoping to impress him, Rael prepared the ritual… and quickly found himelf stuck into a Pact with this horrible entity. Erasmus of course became aware of it and cast Rael away, with only his clothes and a handful of coins to survive.

    Ashamed and disgraced he did not return home. His thoughts and emotions were twisted and warped by Pandorym, who quickly brought the young Rael into a downward spiral of crime, violence, cruelty and empty hedonism. Until…

    A girl, a child actually, bumped his leg while running and playing. He saw her. The demon showed his thoughts. It was too much. In that moment the slumbering conscience of Rael woke up in all his might and fought a tremendous mind and soul battle against his Patron. A Pact is not something easily overlooked or canceled, if he did turn back his soul would be claimed by Pandorym right away, making him a selfess pawn.

    Rael understood that all that Pandorym needed to have the Pact satisfied was destruction: illness, death, turning law to chaos and chaos to tiranny, good to bad and bad to worst and… self-destruction worked perfectly fine.

    His mind now clear, his lost ideals now shining in the dark of his own deeds, he shields other people from his demon by living a risky adventurous life, taking hazardous choices, smoking and drinking way too much and giving himself to the kind of carnal pleasures that empty the soul instead of healing it. All this to keep his powers and sanity, to be used for good.