Here you are, a discrete Conjurer with as little as 2 months of training. You’ve done well summoning that crystals, but you have a long way to go. For sure you have talent… let’s hope that you’ll pursue it once the war will be over.

    Now here the Elven King, imprisoned in the capital of the Empire and switched with a doppelganger.

    It will be our heroes mission to infiltrate the capital via river, find the prison of our king and extricate him in order to unite Elves and Halflings against the Empire – who now surround then and plan to exterminate and enslave them. But getting out of the city won’t be as easy as getting in…

    Lastly, the chief of the famed Longmountains Mines.

    He’s related to the Gnomish Druid in our party, having reared him since he was little. Now the Empire is buying metals and weapons from them due to the VERY harsh terrain that renders the conquest of the Mountains nigh-impossible. But they’re working on their trust and on their neighbours – both the Raptorians who live on the peaks and the Duergars and Ilythids who live underground. They must be warned and united under a single flag for our war effort to succeed…