Hi it’s me again, sorry for any trouble lol.

I took advantage of this sale yesterday, and thought I was getting the 20% off at the register, but I ended up paying full price, and don’t understand why the 20% did not come off at check out. Did I miss something?

I thought the price seemed higher than expected at check out, but being new to this, I was a bit confused. Any chance of getting a credit towards another pack or something.

Here is the paste up of the reciept to show you.

Description Unit price Qty Amount
Human Female
Item# S1_Human_Female $3.99 USD 1 $3.99 USD
Season 2 – Fantasy Bestiary
Item# S2_Fantasy_Bestiary $1.59 USD 1 $1.59 USD
Subtotal $5.58 USD
Total $5.58 USD
Payment $5.58 USD

Invoice ID: 911