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      The release of our latest two packs marks the end of Season #2 – Tier 2, so we’ve added this Bundle to our store as well as updated our Season #2 – Pro Bundle. They both contain all the new packs since our initial launch of Season #2, and we’ve even added the Forum Challenge Packs as a bonus to these bundles, although they can’t be purchased individually.

      We’ve also started our Christmas Sale, which will run until the 3rd of January. During this period, you will automatically get a 20% discount on any packages and bundles! The discount is applied on the bundles after the base price has been reduced, so you can easily get the best deal out there for a while!

      Happy holidays to everyone!


        Not much time to explore the latest packs in this festive season of Yule but hey look nice btw ! 🙂


          Hi it’s me again, sorry for any trouble lol.

          I took advantage of this sale yesterday, and thought I was getting the 20% off at the register, but I ended up paying full price, and don’t understand why the 20% did not come off at check out. Did I miss something?

          I thought the price seemed higher than expected at check out, but being new to this, I was a bit confused. Any chance of getting a credit towards another pack or something.

          Here is the paste up of the reciept to show you.

          Description Unit price Qty Amount
          Human Female
          Item# S1_Human_Female $3.99 USD 1 $3.99 USD
          Season 2 – Fantasy Bestiary
          Item# S2_Fantasy_Bestiary $1.59 USD 1 $1.59 USD
          Subtotal $5.58 USD
          Total $5.58 USD
          Payment $5.58 USD

          Invoice ID: 911


            Hi sojournstar,

            If you were to enter a coupon code you would see the discount on the receipt after the purchase, but since it’s a timed event which applies discounts automatically to all our items the price displayed already contains the discounts. The original prices for the packs you’ve purchased are $4.99 and $1.99.

            I hope this helps. 🙂


              Got it! Thanks for responding.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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