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[quote=”sade” post=2166]- mix and match between the main characters. (biggest, and more useful feature)
– higher resolution
– the model’s face is different, and not just in texture.
– the items have shadows, blend the characters better
– with our new item system, the long weapons do not “cross” with certain tops, or the weapons do not “cross” certain items neither.
– no pixel errors, floating pixels, or white pixel outlines
– you can editing the background. the feature is limited, however give more perspective
..and much more.[/quote]

Wow that sounds good.

[quote=”Kelemelan” post=2167]Easy way to add multi-layered support is just to save multiple images, to layer them and to delete what you don’t need, leaving the extra parts (boots/feets in this case) as transparent, and there you are. 🙂

You can edit all season 2 male packs at the same time, or all season 2 female packs or all season 2 muscular packs. Season 1 packs are autonomous (but you can mix the resulting pics externally of course).

Just select everything you intend to use while launching the soft.[/quote]

Huh. That’s elegantly simple solution. I should have thought of that.