Yeah… wow…. I play GW2 every night for 4 hours but with just one friend. He and I have played so many games… both MMOs and single player games at the same time and all while talking in Skype. But we play more casually than I used to. For too many years i was healer in PWI in a major guild. That was just work. Constantly on call no matter what I was doing. These people would message me even when i wasn’t in the game to get me to go resurrect or heal them during runs. I loved being a healer… In fact I still do… if you see a crazy woman jumping around in GW2 rezzing and healing like mad and she’s in [HART] that might be me. 😀 But as for ‘on call’ healer… um… no.

    I do enjoy world building too, in so far as the planets themselves, the history, the flora and fauna, the politics, but they are always a backdrop for the story. The stories are my favorite part. Usually they’re very dark. I don’t write a lot of happy stuff. But still, coming up with all the reasons for things and objects and lifestyles and why things are as they are… fun stuff. 😀