Yep, that’s why I got bored of MMOs, plus real RPGs (sorry, I’m old school, RPG involves pen & paper to me, if I can’t do anything I want – under GM’s scrutiny – I don’t feel like it’s a roleplaying game 🙂 ) survive the passing of time way better than MMOs.

    I got real pissed when they turned off MMOs like City of Heroes/Villains or Tabula Rasa because then, you’ve got nothing left.

    I definitely took note that I could still use my pen and paper RPGs from the seventies or eighties no matter what. 🙂

    That’s when I stopped with the MMOs. I’m not spending one more penny on something that can vanish tomorrow like that in a puff of smoke.

    So, well, no, sorry. Never tried Skyrim, and it’s extremely likely I never will unless it comes to me fully paid (with comp 😉 ), for obvious reasons. I’m not going down that road again. 😉 😛

    Maybe it’s a great game but my experience is that no matter what, from a roleplaying perspective, MMOs are unsatisfactory at best anyway (you can’t just leave the storyline and decide: I’m gonna be the next king of the realm and build up my kingdom !… or sell camels… or marry the prince… or whatever 😛 ). You need a GM for that, and that’s all about PnP roleplaying 😉 : Improvised storytelling on the spot. 🙂 ^_^