Well, see that’s how I like to play games too. I find it a challenge to make up a story for myself and play my game accordingly. Which is why i haven’t done the main storyline in Skyrim in a very long time. 😀 I used to play Everquest 2 and LOTRO and PWI and i would try to make up a character and run along like that… In fact I made a passive monk in EQ2 once. Refused to fight, only harvested and crafted, but you hit a wall at some point and have to kill. But it was fun to try for a while. I haven’t tried it yet in Guild Wars 2, mainly because each profession is so unique and interesting to learn. Someday I’ll have tried everything and then I’ll experiment more. 😀

    Never played WoW, actually, but tried nearly everything else. ::dry::

    I’m guessing you’ve got ‘Life Another Life’ in Skyrim, yeah? Best mod ever.