@Fasoldgames Yeah. I have to admit I’m a bit worried about what people might think of my book, so reviews and people’s comments might really make or break whether I ever try it again. It’s a very dark story in a very dark world and there’s sex and violence and abusive behavior and you know…. war…. And a sort of ‘un-love’ story. But anyway, only time will tell. Working on the second book now while the first one is being proofread by a friend. Of course, I will ALWAYS write. It’s my first love. But whether anyone in the world will ever get to read the rest comes from what happens with this book. 😛 (I am so not brave… We’ll see.)

    Yeah… I can’t wait for the remastered Skyrim, just for the ability to have more mods alone, really. I hate having to merge or abandon mods in order to try a new one. Just merged a bunch recently and then i realized it was getting too much like work just to keep it going, so I started taking out the ones I really could live without. Another thing I would LOVE to see is a way to set up several instances of Skyrim with different mod sets like I can do with Minecraft. I’d love to try some of those HUGE mods like Enderal, but I don’t want to lose all the work it took to get my current set up going. 🙂 But I do kinda hope I can still use DirectX 9. This pc is old and honestly I can’t afford a new one any time soon. I’m worried it’s gonna come out and my pc won’t be able to run it.

    I do I play an online game with a friend every night for about four hours. (Guild Wars 2) But the rest of the time I’m in solo games. (Though lately the rest of the time I’m writing. 😛 )