yeah. My daughter wants to put the drive in the pc I’m using right now if she can’t fix my Dell, but she wants to try and fix the Dell first so I’m gonna wait and let her. It’s only a couple of weeks to wait. When she leaves to head back to Japan I’ll ether have a Frankenstein PC, my Dell back, or my 2tb hard drive from the Dell crammed in this old PC with a only 500mb drive. 😛 one way or another I’ll get my stuff back (if the drive is still okay), but there will be a little bit of a wait. I could take the drive out now but we’d just have to put it back when she gets here, so I’m just gonna wait. It’s really annoying though, not being able to get at all that stuff at the moment. She really wants to fix it though. 😛

    Bah…. Stuff Moms gotta do to make their kids happy…. 😀