The ability to have more than 255 mods and (especially) use more than a pittance of RAM for Skyrim is going to be awesome. Hopefully it doesn’t take SKSE too long to update to the new version. Hopefully they fully remove DX9 support as well to get around the Windows 10 VRAM limit (Fallout 4 doesn’t support it, so I’m hopeful).

    I was never personally a big fan of deck games, though I picked up the Rise of the Runelords ACG from Paizo a while back and I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit, but I’m also DMing a Pathfinder campaign in Varisia so it fits lol.

    Unfortunately these days I’m really stuck with games I can play solo. Most of my friends aren’t boardgame or tabletop game people, or manuals longer than a page scare them away. I’m actually amazed I convinced a bunch of them to play Pathfinder.