Had a disaster. My motherboard failed on my main PC. Lost everything I had worked on, maps, art, all of it. Using a temporary PC until I can somehow afford to get mine fixed.
    🙁 After a little bit of heartache I am in the middle of downloading everything again. Just waiting now for the folks at NBOS to send me a link to my Fractal Mapper 8 download again. (I have to say the service here at ePic Char Gen is INCREDIBLY fast by comparison. It’s been many hours since I wrote a forum post over there and sent a request to their support email and have yet to hear anything. 🙁 ) Almost got all my software installed again. Just can’t play half the games I used to. 🙁 This darned PC I’m having to use is too old. I feel my old Dell betrayed me. *dramatic pose* 😛