[quote=”Kelemelan” post=3070]If I read it correctly, silver/grey is actually just a basic recolorable color, so the pic shouldn’t be misread, right ?[/quote]

    What I’ve learned so far is, everything changes with the color, regardless of what I make it in the art program.

    Original grayscale:

    With a single deep color and not messing with saturation:

    Everything is colored. You just have to fiddle with the color scale to make it lighter, but I still lose my whites. The white of the teeth on the boots I lost. The only way to make them show properly is to separate them like I did with the teeth on the pants. Added them as jewelry on the thigh panel. This is true with ALL the pieces, not just mine. Makes it a little challenging, which is why I’m learning. I know now I should have made the crown a little differently. But I keep backups of backups of backups so I can go back and change it. Once I figure everything out I should be able to make the pieces do what I want. 🙂

    EDIT: Oops…. I skipped this one… Shows the red jewels on the crown changed to blue: