Nice collection of games on your Steam profile! I saw quite some hours put in Skyrim 🙂 It is a great game, and Bethesda is coming with an enhanced version of Skyrim in october I think.

    Also, I recently stumbled upon a new collectible card game by Bethesda, based on the Elder Scrolls world, and it is quite fun. Its still beta, but quite good, and I have a nice little deck now. If anyone wants to challenge me, please let me know 🙂


    In regard to publishing and sharing your stories with the world, I always think of the scene in the movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, where Indy has to take a leap of faith into a bottomless abyss. There might by a hidden bridge leading you to the Grail and life eternal, or you might drop down into an endless fall 🙂

    Such are the perils of writers. But fortune favors the bold!