[quote=”sade” post=2975]i love it 🙂
    if you plan to make own pack im gladly give the bases, and 20-30 items for starting :D[/quote]

    Ooh that would be fun. 🙂 I can give it a try. Thanks Sade! 😀

    [quote=”Fasoldgames” post=2977]Hey nice!

    I’m starting to see some pattern here though…I guess you
    like your men muscular and hairy? :)[/quote]

    😀 😀 😀

    Well, I do prefer facial hair, yes, but honestly completely bald and everything in between is good too. 😀 As long as they’re funny, smart and don’t mind fat ladies I’m good. 😀 But in my books, yeah, muscular and hairy fits the bill. Most of these men are warriors after all. 🙂

    [quote=”Kelemelan” post=2979]Well, in fantasy, shaving cream or even soap is kind of hard to find 😉

    Just saying.[/quote]

    That too. 😀 Though I think a man needs facial hair, really. It’s lots more attractive than clean shaven. My daughter and my mom agree with me on that one. 😀