Thanks for the comment! And sure, I can share a bit of description for each.

    A little about Obsidian:
    A former priestess of the moon in the Temple of the Moon from a small moon elven village, Obsidian left to travel the lands on her journey of enlightenment and self-knowledge. Her religion is called ‘Mysteria’ and the followers worship and honor various moon deities, the chief one being Nephril the Mother Moon Goddess. Obsidian has a very strong connection to the moon and its energies and often practices her magic under a moonlit sky at night. Kind and compassionate, but with an ethereal air like the moon itself. She is an expert lunar mage.

    A little about Elowen:
    When Elowen was a small child, she had the misfortune to see her entire family slaughtered by demons, therefore planting the seed for her demon hunting quest years later. She hates demons with a burning passion and seeks to destroy them by any means necessary. Reckless to the point of foolish, she has almost gotten herself killed on several occasions but as luck would have it, she managed to escape with her life, but not before acquiring numerous wounds that have since faded into scars. She has a powerful bond with her weapon, a morningstar called ‘Demon’s Bane’, which is blessed with holy power and fire magic and glows with light. It is almost like an extension of her arm considering the skill she has in using it to devastating effects against evil creatures. While she does hunt other types of evil, her main focus is demon slaying. She believes the world to be better off without their kind.

    A small note about Elowen’s picture. She is supposed to be holding a morningstar in her right hand but since there wasn’t an option for that in the program, at least none that I found, I picked the closest thing that looked like it. Not sure what it is though.

    I will post more pictures and their descriptions in just a little while. Thanks again for the compliments.