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    Sorry, I would have placed this in a more appropriate topic but it looks like the forum doesn’t work correctly. As far as I can tell, I can search but I can’t browse the forum page by page (if I try to, I’m sent back to ) ,  so I’m posting this here. Sorry again about that.


    Maybe it would be a good idea to create an actual “Season 2” category in the software beside Season 1 and Season 3 (even if it just led to the current default male/female/muscular options) ? or maybe just add something like “S2” to the male, female and muscular icons/buttons, to suggest they are Season 2 stuff ?

    Not that it would change much for users who’ve been around for awhile but it looks like the current unidentified “default Season 2” is misleading for new users.

    Just an idea to make things simpler and clearer for new users. 🙂