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    Thanks for the update.

    I’m very excited to hear that.  I was a bit concerned it might be another six months or something before another sale, but I’ll be glad to partake in the season 1&2 at that time as I already have the funds set aside.

    I do have a question about other assets if it’s not too much off topic…
    While I understand the FAQ sorta covers this, I’m a bit curious to understand more.

    Regarding mixing various assets and how they can be exported as assets into PSD so I can mess around in gimp with effects and such, are the assets themselves if resized appropriately able to be mixed and matched regarding positioning?

    By this I mean, lets pretend there’s a mask (or whatever) in a season 3 throne pack, and I want to grab that mask because it’s not an asset in season 1/2.  If I export that will it align to the other forward faces or is this something where the perspective will be totally off and I can’t use the asset?

    I’m asking mostly because while I like the functionality of something like heromachine 3 where all assets convert and you really only need to worry about clipping, I strongly prefer the art assets/style here and that’s why I’m willing to invest, but it would be super awesome if there was cross compatibility, even if I have to futz with it some in gimp.