The Red Mage

     I see you’re seeing Anthros as “cats”, Red. I did so when I first worked on this project but what’s taking me so much time is that they are more like “non human” bases. I believe anthro is just a shortcut for anthropomorph so cat-like is just an option. There are reptiles, undeads, etc… 🙂

    Well, the names of the packages are literally “Anthro Cat Male” and “Anthro Cat Female,” so that’s why I call them anthro cats. That and they all look like variations of felines. Even the undead and lizard versions are still just, well, undead feline anthros and lizard-like feline anthros.


    It’s like the other packages. For example, you can use the Elf package to make fairies, demons, angels, snake people, etc. but the basic of the package is still an elf.