Hi sojournstar,

    Welcome to the new site! 🙂 It was launched mid-January, and there was also a newsletter sent out regarding the transition, did you not receive it? We had quite a few issues with the old site we just couldn’t overcome and we needed to make a move we can no longer delay. I know this site is different, but one of the main issues with the old one was usability, especially on mobiles. It was really hard to navigate, and the Forums were also kinda messy. The only functionality we are aware that hasn’t been ported is the Gallery and the Partners page. So if you have any other observations or suggestions on what’s not working well do let us know! We are happy to receive all feedback and we’ll try to take each into consideration. Also the current site is far from complete. There are plenty of things we want to change both visually and functionally.

    For some more details on what happened in the past month you can have a look at our recent blogpost.