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We are happy to let you know that we’ve just released an update to our software which contains plenty of exciting changes as well as two brand new packages!

This year, we started to focus on increasing the diversity of the packs and styles in the generator, and as a result, started collaboration with various external artists. From today, we already have 4 available packages created by other artists, and we felt it’d be better to mark these packs clearly something different, so we kicked off Season #3. Under Season #3, you’ll find the hand drawn Portrait packs, which have been out for a while, as well as the two brand new packs, which has just been released.

Out first new pack is the Throne Lady, which was created by Elena Ivanina. She was born in Russia, but she’s been living in Greece for many years now. Drawing is second nature to her, and everything she knows is self-thought. Her favorite styles are fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk. 

This pack is unique not only in it’s art style, but because it’s portraying a woman in a partially sitting position. Elena had some great ideas which surpassed the available features in the software, so we also needed to add various new things into it to fit her needs. She wanted to create different hand positions, and the options to put bracers and tattoos to the hand in these positions. To support this, we created the option to create multi-position characters, which was the most commonly asked feature of the software in the past years. She also wanted to give more freedom to the users when composing the images, so we made the Items category multi-selectable, meaning that more than one item can be active in the same category, and they can also be moved around separately from each other. 

As usual, you can find more details and screenshots of the new pack in our Store.
You can see more work from Elena by visiting her portfolio and social media pages:

Our second new pack is the Comic Monster, created by Laszlo Nemeth. He was an avid comic fan ever since he was a kid, which also served as an inspiration to his drawing techniques. His main profile is 2D character art and animation, and his works are available in several games by now. His main influencers are Todd McFarlane, Stanley Lau, James Raiz and Scott Campbell. 

The pack is a very exciting one, as this is the first which focuses entirely on monsters. This was also one of the most asked topics in the past years, since we already had quite a few different humanoid-types available, but creating monsters was only achievable by using the Supernatural packages, so we felt extending these options could be a good idea. Drawing beasts was a natural fit for Laszlo, and his comic style was also a good match for this theme. A few technical developments were needed for his pack too, as he focuses heavily on the coloring feature. We needed to add support for multi-coloring, which is now used to change the color of several different categories at once. He also made creating dark creatures possible, and added various extra layers on top of each category, which remain visible even when very dark colors are selected, so the contour of the character can be seen. We also added changing colors to each layer when pressing Random, so finding new inspiration is really just a click of a button. 

To see more details about the pack visit our Store page.
And to find more art from Laszlo, take a look at his portfolio at the following pages:

Please note that the new packs and updates are only available in the PC Standalone and Steam versions. An update to mobile versions will come in the following days.

As we already mentioned, we’ve been working hard to create new packs with external artists, and as a result, we also put a lot of effort to make pack creation as easy as possible. We already added lots of new information to our Developer Program page, with a lengthy video explaining all the details from downloading the template psd, to getting the character available in the software. We’re still working on making this flow more friendly, so several improvements will come in the near future.

Moving forward, we’d also like to see what YOU want the most. We’re in the progress of creating new characters with different artists too, but wanted to make sure we are actually working on characters you would be interested in using. We put together a Questionnaire to get a better understanding of your needs and also to be able to improve communication with you. If you can spare 5 minutes to fill it out, you’d be entered into a raffle where we also give away 50 packs for free! Please do help us to be able to give you the content you want to use! Here’s the direct link: https://forms.gle/8TFLHLYqwwcCh8nu7

We hope you like the new packs, and we look forward to hear from you in our Questionnaire.

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