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We are happy to announce that the long awaited Female Portrait pack is now available for purchase in our store! The Male pack was kind of an experiment for us, but the responses were very positive, so we listened to your feedback and created the Female version of it. From now on you can represent both your male and female characters in a hand-draw fashion. To celebrate this event, we’ll offer 20% discount on the Male Portrait pack during the next week, ending on 11th March!

These Portrait packs were special to us in other ways too, as they were created in collaboration with an external artist, Peter Temesi. As you know we launched our Developer Program a while back giving everyone the opportunity to add new content to the software easily, and the created packages can be shared with other users as both free or paid content too, in which case we offer revenue share to the artist. If you are, or know someone who could be interested in creating packs make sure to let us know! We are in talks with several external artists at the moment, so once you get an idea make sure to tell us so we can coordinate with the others.

 We had a good amount of new users picking up the software in past couple of months, and we received several feedback regarding the difficulty of selecting packs to buy when someone first wants to dip their toes into creating characters. We came up with a solution just for those who want to start creating, but are not sure what packs to get at the beginning. We created the Fantasy Starter and the Modern Starter bundles, where we selected 4-4 of our best selling packages from each theme, which can be used to kick start creativity. As a bonus, we introduced a massive discount on these two bundles, as they can both be purchased for only $9.99, providing a 45-67% discount compared to the original price of the packs! These bundles are available for veteran users too, who, for some reason missed out on the packs contained in these bundles, so make sure to check them out to see if these can be something for you too!

Have you been using the software for quite some time now and want to give something back? Are you happy with our program and would recommend it to others? Write a Positive review on Steam, or leave a 5* rating on Google Play. Are you unhappy with some things and rather not recommend it? Tell us about it! We might be able to fix what you’re missing. 

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