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    I plan to make a little addons every 100th downloads, filling your wishlist, or just adding some new stuff for your characters. It will be free, since you are paid once for the characters 🙂

    I need a name for these packs 🙂 Do you have any ideas? (the pack will be disappear from your list after your “install” it, so you will not lost in the packs :))

    For this first pack will conatins (work in progress,i will add more):

    # 29 beard option for the human male
    # 29 beard option for the elf male
    # 15 background (for all character)
    #1 lighting bolt in the dwarf female’s hand
    #8 new token for every race


    (if you have wishes, please write to wishlist section!)


    added some item


      Hi Rita, Perhaps the attached link will give you even more ideas for beard and moustaches.

      Movember Beard Styles

      Quite often ‘Moustache’ is shortened to ‘Tache’ or ‘Tash’, and the Ancient Greeks called those unshaven foreigners, ‘Barbarians’ after their ‘Barb’ or ‘Beard’. Perhaps you could call this WIP, “Barbarian Attachements” ( Barb-arian at-atache-ment )
      or “What Barbarians are Attached to”

      However possibly that only makes sense in English or en Francais. Keep up the good work, my friend. God bless.


      tthank you, i made already 8-8 for human and elf,probably i make more, i just fall love into it 🙂 its “dress up” the face, if you know what i mean
      im going to che kthe link, thank you 🙂

      edit: the link just SOO COOL. Thank you!


      i added “some” beard. the pack will contains 29 elf male beards, and im working on the human beards. thank you for inspiration, i hope you will love as me.



      added the beards for the human guy too 🙂


      added some new token


        [quote=”jgkane” post=125]Quite often ‘Moustache’ is shortened to ‘Tache’ or ‘Tash’, and the Ancient Greeks called those unshaven foreigners, ‘Barbarians’ after their ‘Barb’ or ‘Beard’.[/quote]

        In fact, they called any non-Greek barbarians because of their inability to speak their language. Anything they said would sound babblefish for the Greeks. For instance Homer used βαρβαρόφωνος – “totally not understandable”. The Greeks also had beards (like any Mediterraeanean nation), so it would make no sense. Every person who wasn’t Greek was deemed barbarian and I guess you mistook barbarians with Frederick Barbarossa translating into “red beard”… but in Italian.

        Anyway, I think making a pack like that is a very nice idea. Regarding the name… “Ma(i)nly men”? 😛


        it will be just a free update 🙂


        the first big content update is ready. thank you for your feedback, cant wait the release 🙂


          Good news, Rita,
          I can wait, but only because I have to .. ;o)

        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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