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    I made some stuff for first one but i can swich if you prefer the second.

    or: mix of two:


      I prefer the chest of the third, mix one.

      With the head and neck of the first one.

      Please? 🙂


        I voted for the first as I think the head is more monstrous looking, the brow especially. The other two look great for half orcs that have stronger human features.


        still work on the ork


          They are all very nice. However, I would prefer a different mix:
          – the body of the third (alluring muscles :P),
          – the palms of the first,
          – nose of the first OR more like the one you gave your male dwarves,
          – slightly smaller feet to keep the proportions.

          I voted for the third, because it is the closest. Oh, and a way to make smaller – if any – fangs would be wonderful. Perhaps somebody would enjoy human ears too? I certainly would :).

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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