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      I was curious if there was any idea of what sort of pkg are being developed, that we can look forward. I would like to see some monster ones like dragons or undead etc. I am new to this but already know it is a great product. I don’t know if there is a way to age or youthify the images but that would be great. I plan to use this product in relationship to a world building product by another company for table top RPG and for my creative writing. I will integrate this with the world builder, character builder and cartography software. Thanks.


        There are several topics discussing the upcoming topics and sneak-peaks of the images. We aim for a better composition of the characters to fullify most of the needs developed from previous versions. 🙂


        hello, you will able to make aged and younger character as well, and monsters also from demons to minotaur, im working on dragon generator too, but its not on top priority.

        we are open to co operations for other softwares too 🙂

        In short:
        With the second version character we will release:
        female sorcerer-catfolk, female underworld spellcaster-drow, female pirate pack (mix and matchable!)
        male adventurer, male supernatural (mix and matchable), and if i finish, male modern sporty
        muscular male barbarian, and supernatual (minotaur, dragonlike creatures) also mix and matchable


          You bet you really have me longing for some kind of modern of futuristic trend. I keep being a supers fan and I will welcome these packages. In due time. 🙂


            My friends and I have just started a super heroes game and I created some character pictures for them using the modern pack. They really like the images but felt the modern pack was too gritty/realistic for the comic book/super hero genre.

            Just something for the future development queue if there is any interest.


            i’m made some test to superhero outfit, its not bad, im working on the perfect colour and emblem choosing system, and other little thing. its fits the realistic style well for me 😀 (and i also want changeable pattern for the dress, and other little stuffs, so i need to polish the system



              Modern Pack works ok for characters like Constantine/Hellblazer or some guy taken from the cast of Mutant X but for your standard Spandex-Clad Eyebeam shooting DC or Marvel Powerhouse, not so much 😉 😛

              And yeah, of course, I can use the former, but I would revel in the later. B)


                Great Start there, Sade! 😛 Thanks!

                No more whining from yours truly, I’ll just wait for the picture to unfold. 😉 🙂


                  All I can say is wow! The sample costume looks great. Now comes the hard part, waiting for the release. :cheer:

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