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      Please vote! Thak you. If you want, you can choose a revised human, dwarf or elf race too, different pose or body type.


        ork base shape.



        modern version human female-modern. I i’m also work on her. Here is a little preview.



        option: different version dwarf or human?


        A ready modern character sneak peak, a mage character made by Zsanna



        new races like catfolk, pans, or others?


          Modern Human looks just fine to me 🙂


            Orcs sound very good, but I wonder if you would enjoy creating mermaids? Sickleyield has a lovely mertail with some addons. I tried it and it works wonders. I guess mermaids would also be interesting as playable characters – even if not many people play them at the time being.

            Other creatures I thought about include the Maru, a crocodile-like tribe from The Dark Eye system. I’m afraid there is no content pack that would allow morphing Genesis into a Maru, but I admit I talked about it with DarioFish and he told me it’s interesting, so let’s keep our fingers crossed ;).


            Mermaid free minipack sounds good,if i able to spare a little time,im definiatly make it 🙂
            I cant mke any world specific because of copyright,but i love the mermaid idea


              I do not know what you would say about certain type of animals as in races and such. But here is some animal races that I would like to see

              1) Bears
              2) Birds/Eagles
              3) Zebras
              4) Elephants
              5) Dogs — various Caine
              6) Reptiles – various Fish


              hm. you made me an idea. thank you, i try to make it on this week 🙂


                Timben, bears, elephants, dogs and reptilians can be done, but the morph packs would cost Sade a fortune. So either donate stocks like I did or just make a donation through PayPal to support our friend :).


                you can also make anybody else, if want 🙂


                  Some races I’d like to see.

                  1. Half-Elves
                  2. Mer-Folk
                  3. Fairies (shorter elf base)

                  I would suggest nymphs but you could technically just use the elf pack for that. Halflings and gnomes might be interesting too. As well as other types of anthros like wolf anthros.

                  Perhaps even an alien pack, anything from the weird and creepy to otherworldly beautiful. Like for example the aliens in the movie Avatar, not them exactly but something similar?


                  at the new release you will be able to make merfolks, and demons, and other creatures (Supernatural pack), and the best it will be mix and matchable with the other packs
                  half elves will not be, just a human with pointy ears 😛 i know its not same, but this is the closest, at the moment

                  the new system will be a little different. it will be 3 base character (maybe will grow, but at the moment 3), and for these three character will have tematical packs, which are totally mix and matchable.
                  in the new version also solved some “old” problems, like similarity of faces, shadows, and much more!

                  the nymph will be are in “elf” pack (should rename it because of dryads, and other fae folks)

                  halflings and gnomes is later plan.

                  the weird creepy and beautyful will be the drow pack, but i get your point, modern 🙂 yes, good idea! (Actually i begun the scifi pack, great for these)

                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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