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      I’m working on a visual novel and was considering using ECG for the character models.

      One of the characters is a werewolf and we’ll frequently see him in a hybrid form. Do you have recommended packs that would help accomplish this? I’ll probably be picking up the complete season 1 and a few boosters from season 2.

      I’d love to see any samples people might have of having built werewolves (and which packs were used).



        Just my two cents but the Supernatural male and female packs should be of help to you there.

        Now, I’m gonna be the elephant in the room but do you intend to display fantasy werewolves, modern ones, sci-fi ones…. or all of the above ?…



          The plan is combination Modern/Fantasy. While the world is set in modern times, the werewolf predates modern times and as such may have some old-fashioned garb.


            Okay, so you can have a look at what the packs can look like over there :

   (just click on a pack’s “box” for a preview)

            Now, just out of the blue for drawing werewolves I’d suggest you have a look at :
            – Male Supernatural, Adventurer, Modern, and maybe Fantasy
            – Muscular may be interesting but nothing too wolfish there so you’d have to add that part in postwork.
            – In the Female packs category, way more choices although provided you try to draw something looking like a werewolf I’d find you also way more limited. Maybe Supernatural and Barbarian but even then, I’m not really convinced there. Modern packs for modern characters, of course.

            Greg, lbandy or Sade may see things differently, their perspective would be interesting here 🙂


              Hi BrandedTales,

              Thank you for your interest in our software. Unfortunately we don’t have werewolf specific content in our packs currently, as we tried be more generic and allow our users flexibility. We do have plans on creating werewolf specific content, but we can’t give you an eta on it just yet. The main difference between Season #1 and #2 is that the Season #1 packs are all standalones, meaning they are more complex, but can’t be combined with each other, while all Season #2 packs for the same body (Male, Muscular Male and Female) can be combined to make a single character. The resolution of the Season #1 images are also a bit smaller, but they do offer certain styles and types (the Anthro Cats for example), which are not present in Season #2 yet.

              As Kelemelan mentioned there are quite a few options to start with in our current system. I’d also advice to take a look at our current packages and see which themes and styles would fit your needs the most. Hopefully you’ll be able to create most of the non-werewolf and pre-transformed characters. 🙂

              Please let us know if you need help with anything else.


                Thanks for all the details!

                And so far I’m enjoying the packs. Just picked up all of season 1, and a few select packs from season 2. While there’s not a werewolf, there’s a few things I can work with to get what I need. My other characters are looking good. (=

                I like that season 1 has slight variations in posing, which is helpful to prevent my characters from all looking like paper dolls… But I also like the versatility of being able to mix and match the season 2 stuff. Decisions!


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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