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      I know the website is still very new, and you have the begins of a good site. I’m sure you are planning / implementing changes as you go. I have a few suggestions, they are just that and merely my opinion, and intended as constructive feedback.

      1. The website does not have a title or logo. This maybe confusing for visitors to your site and confused visitors typically leave very quickly. You should be telling visitors where they have landed straight away to hold there attention. You already have a logo that you use as a watermark so why not use that or a variant on the site.
      2. Make the logo the home button (if / when you put one on the site). This has been fairly standard across the Internet for a long time and should be familiar to most. You could then remove the HOME button from the navigation bar, reducing the options simplifies things for visitors and
      3. Rename the DOWNLOAD button in the main navigation bar to STORE or SHOP may provide clarity to visitors . Also I have seen that mention of possible physical products in the future, and ‘downloads’ will not make sense for those products and it is best to have a single store for all product types.
      4. Reorder the main navigation bar so that the DOWNLOAD (or STORE or SHOP) button is the second button. The main purpose of your site is to sell your products so it should appear to in the left most position on the navigation bar, especially as your site is in English and that is read left to right visitors will see it first and find the store easier
      5. Registration requires too much personal information and may be putting people off of registering. People are getting more savy about giving out their details and you need to build trust in order for people to do that. The amount of information you are requesting may be turning prospective customers away. I know, you can just enter invalid data to get through registration, but that suggests the data is of little to no value to you and so you should not be capturing it in the first place. I would suggest only USERNAME, PASSWORD, and possible NAME are mandatory. As a general rule you should only collect personal data that you need to conduct business. Unless someone is paying by credit card, or until you start mailing physical product, the address and phone number detail is not needed. If someone does pay by credit card you can capture the information needed for those transactions then, but offer people the choice to store for future transactions. There then comes the legal considerations of how you treat that personal information in terms of storage and usage, what they are exactly will vary around the world, and these can often mean you need to do a lot of work providing assurances to authorities of your compliance to such laws.

      Hopefully this is helpful.

      All the best


      hello here too :))
      thank you for suggessions, theye are good ones!
      i m sure our coder will accept them (some of at least), and we will change it
      you didn”t wrote nothing impossible 🙂
      now im from tablet, but i will make it tomorrow

      thank you so much 🙂


      i made the renaming and the menu-order, i ask the greg (who help to me with the site) about logo and registration 🙂
      thank you again 🙂


        No problem. Hope you enjoyed your earthdawn game 🙂


          Thanks for your suggestions GMTroll. They would definitely improve the site. 🙂


            Changed registration form back from the shops override to joomla default.
            Edited out unneeded fields.

            Work in progress: change the “upload avatar” part to the forums “choose avatar” type.
            If you click your profile, choose “edit” and the avatar tab, you will see Sade’s wonderful choice of avatars.
            I’m working on making them available at registration.

            Fixed logo: it’s place was there, it just didn’t show the image…


              Another suggestion: Could you increase the timeout-time for logged in users. I’ve lost a few posts because of the time-out since I sometimes go googling for example images etc. and it’s really annoying that the session dies so fast. Ok, usually the messages are “recovered” when starting a new one.. but it’s still annoying.

              I think the timeout should be at least 1 hour. Preferrably the timeout could be disabled altogether. Webmails and google-accounts etc don’t have timeouts and they usually contain more sensitive data so I don’t think that is a problem.



                I have increased the session timeout to 30 minutes from 15 minutes.

                Please write if that also timeouts you.


                  Ok, thanks. It’s a lot better now!


                  do you want a developer blog? i dont want flood the forum, but im gladly share what im working on, if i can spare a little time 🙂


                    I think the forum is better, we can comment and feedback your pictures, and in turn you can show some more nice pictures (like the pose discussion).

                    In a blog we could comment, but only see new pictures in a new blog post.

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