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      I’m working on the ork race right now. This tread i plan to show, and tell what i made.
      I made around 30 skins, and 10 fangs, no outfit or hair yet.



      added a ton of elements for ork. mainly the hair and weapons are missing, but they on way 🙂
      if have any special wishes, say now 🙂


      i finished the ork pack
      it seems:
      22 skin
      39 boots (wtf?)
      20 colorable beards
      colorable eyes
      17 colorable hairs
      8 fangs
      11 full sets
      7 + 19+ 9 accesority
      21 pants
      6 tokens
      39 tops
      50+36 weapons
      + general


        these are looking good




          They are stunning. The blood-soaked is just gorgeous! Do you think you could give them more curly hairstyles please? You know, unstyled ones (like Wild Dreads Hair from DAZ).


          he have 😀
          truly, i didnt really work on these, i just random generated
          im happy you like them!

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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