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    ..aka human male v.2

    this male is less muscular than the first one, great for noble, bards, etc.

    this settings will be also for testing for mixing the modern and fantasy mixing option



    working on it.
    if you bought the human male, you will recive it cheaper, or for points.





      He looks really good with a beard or iron skin. 🙂
      Amazing difference, the one without facial hair looks like another person.


        Excellent! The clothing is also looking very nice! Are you mixing fantasy and scifi or are going to release two separate packages with the same base?

        I’m not complaining (I just want to use fantasy at the moment!) but I was thinking the modern male was scifi-based?


        it will be separated “fantasy”, and “modern” pack.
        with this guy i want test one option (for the next generation), the categories.
        for modern guy will have “casual”, “military”, “scifi”, and “extreme” options (because he will have big wardrobe, and can be weird stuff, if you use random, and its also help), and if you bought the fantasy guy too, it will have a “fantasy” option too.
        (the categories will be under the page, but over the preview icons, and you can turn on/off the categories with one click.) (and this way every character will own some category, what makes the random a little bit more controlled, and you also not will lost in the big wardrobe :))


          Ok, sounds good. Actually that was something that I was myself thinking of when you mentioned the weird randoms (when mixing sicif/fantasy).

          If I understood it right it means that mixing fantasy and scifi will be possible (if you want to), wardrobe is easier to manage (disable unwanted categories) and randoms will still be ok since they are created category-based?


          exactly 🙂

        Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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