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      Hello there! I am the promotion and marketing executive at – The Eliquid Boutique, an online vape company in the UK. I discovered a few queries concerning our worldwide vape shop data and vape company e mail list. In essence, the – Global Vape Shop Database includes contact information for all of vape stores on the planet, including UK, UNITED STATES, Canada, Europe, Russia and CIS, Middle East and Australia. It arrives in an Excel spread sheet and comprises of the vape shop name, e-mail, site, phone number, place of business, social media web links and far more. Meanwhile, the – Vape Company E-Mail List is pretty much a list with emails of every company all over the world. The list features about 40,000+ e-mails of e-liquid companies, online and brick-and-mortar vape companies, vape wholesalers and distros, CBD sites, vape exhibition organisers and much more. These vape leads are perfect for newsletter promotion and marketing as this is the main function of the database. The vape company leads are all GDPR certified and you would get free lifetime updates delivered straight to your inbox. We upgrade the vape store database and vape company e mail list at the very least two times a calendar month. We do a three level verification on all emails including for syntax, discontinued domain names and shut off e-mail inboxes. If you have some queries, you can contact me via our – Facebook page. The worldwide vape company database and vape company emails have assisted around 500 e-liquid brands and vape wholesalers to promote their products to all vape shops around the globe and is practically all you need to take your vape brand name to a new level. I really hope that this answers each one of your queries guys! We will be releasing one more update right now!

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