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      With the new update the full set suits and the coats (from misc#3) from the former modern pack untoggle each other. :
      So either the guy is just wearing a basic business suit, or he’s in white shirt.
      These worked fine together before the update, I’ve got pics which are using both. 🙂

      This is kind of a pain since they are still the only business suits available in the whole software as far as I can tell (only did a quick check, granted 🙂 ). The option was nice for all those corporate types. 🙂

      No hurry there, but in due time, if you have a moment… 🙂


      It’s one character to set it 🙂 if you make clean which categories you think,I am sure Greg will help.

      It’s my fault,I turned to overprotect the mix and matchable-ish,and I found the solution before the release day.. 🙂 so in the future we will not have this problem (or not this high level)


        well, this is about the old Male / Modern pack which no longer work as well as it used to be.

        Just try to use something from the “full set” list and something from either the Misc #2 or misc#3 lists, and you’ll see that they detoggle each other.

        End result, you can’t have a guy with a suit and a katana (sheathed), or a suit and a raincoat for instance. 🙂
        And this was available with the previous version. I noticed that because I was trying to convert my old characters. 😉

        I just tested the female modern character 1st version and I’m pretty sure it faces the same issue, though I can’t say for sure, there. I do notice some untoggling but so far, they didn’t stop me from doing what I used to do. 🙂

        And well, I’ll post updates if I notice something related to the other templates but you bet these two were what I used most of the time. 🙂

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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