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    Ok. i was terrible inactive, so sorry. I want to summarize, what we have. Or what we need 🙂


    We have:
    – Sorcerer Pack
    – Drow Spellcaster Pack
    – Pirate Pack[
    – Modern Wardrobe 1
    – Modern Wardrobe 2

    What Is On my List:
    – Fantasy Warrior like
    – Elf Pack
    – Supernatural Pack
    – Scifi, futuristic
    – Superhero

    For Male:

    What we have:
    – General Fantasy Pack
    – Supernatural Pack
    – Superhero Pack
    – Scifi, Futuristic Pack
    – Modern Leasure Pack

    What is on my list:
    – Warrior Fantasy
    – Elf fantasy
    – Military Modern

    Male Muscular:
    What we have:
    -Barbarian Fantasy
    – Supernatural Fantasy

    What is on my list:
    – Military Wardog Modern
    – Modern Wardrobe

    What do you miss more? Which is the most what you can use?
    The first pack what im started its a female superhero, and elf.

    Few Preview:



      What do I miss more ?

      Right, I’m going to be a pain but I have to. 😛 😉

      Since female super is already on the list, what about futuristic supers sets (male/female/other?) for those Legion of Super Heroes / Guardian of the Galaxy settings ? 🙂

      And then you could go all tech for power-armored guys, which would probably deserve a set of its own (well 2, male/female) – as we already discussed – but this could encompass several genre like scifi, mechs or indeed supers… and even magically endowed medieval armor with some creativity 😆

      Okay, now I realized I may have completely overlooked your question. sorry about that.

      If you’re asking us to pick from your list, here it comes.

      I’m looking for modern and supers material, I’m pretty sure my choices are not a surprise 🙂

      Female (in that order)
      – Superhero
      – Scifi, futuristic

      – Military Modern

      Male Muscular (no particular order)
      – Military Wardog Modern
      – Modern Wardrobe

      Hope this helps.


        Female Sorcerer Pack and Female Fantasy Warrior-like Pack as well as Male Generic Fantasy Pack and Male Fantasy Warrior Pack are what I would want to see the most. And I thought we already have an elf pack for both? :huh:


        female warrior in progress
        male warrior also in progress 🙂
        but we will release a pack / 2-3 weeks, so we definiatly finish it 🙂
        this is why i did not work about them, because i am already work on them.
        (usualy i am work 2-3 pack depending on my feelings. )

        (like an muscular supernatural, i left poor guy about half finished, and i finish it in no time) (means 2 weeks, but still i felt it fast because i made it with joy)

      Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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