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      It went badly when i created my acc. i made a mistake while creating account and now my username does not match my steam account and i didnt get my bonus free pacage for my client.

      can you pease help me? i want my account to be the same name as my steam acc.

      thank you,



        Puh, it don’t have to be the same name. In this forum my name is Ashesnei and in steam it’s Ashesnay. “Ei” and “ay”. Don’t know, how I made this in past, but I know it’s possible.


          Since I don’t have a windows computer at hand at the moment, I can’t log in from Steam and doublecheck what I’m going to say so I’m talking out of memory…

          However, as I recall, you have to select and unselect some of the options from the **ePic** login screen and input your **Standard** ePic username and password.

          Note that you must do that in the ePic login screen within Steam, not in Steam itself.

          That way, you can log in Steam with one password and in ePic with another.


            This issue has been sorted in the meantime, I just forgot to approve the topic after it was posted, but thanks for all the replies! 🙂

            For the record, there are 2 subpages under the Profile menu item, both explain how to link either the Steam or the Google Play accounts in great detail.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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