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      I just got the rest of season 1 (5 packs) and 2 from season 2, but I am having trouble getting everything to load.

      When I first installed the new items several hours ago, it kept giving an error, or saying something about not having auth, and my firewall saying it was malicious…

      Then after everything finally loaded, I went thru each new set, and everything i owned was there. Now I just logged in and it won’t load, or let me get to several sets I already own. Tried to reload several times, and about to try reloading again, back in a few minutes.

      yeah I just loaded the program again, and NONE of my sets are loading, I only have the demos, everything I already bought and own is locked, in season one and 2…

      also the front is different as you will notice in pic 2, what is circled in red was never there before, not even today easrlier, and even tho PRO is unlocked, it will not let me use it


        I worked it out, it was a login issue


          I’m glad to hear it’s sorted now. 🙂


            apparantly when you have cleaned your cache as I did before purchasing the products, the screen on the software changes your login credentials. I think there was another issue before even getting to the login screen, possibly the firewall saying the software was malicious/suspicious… but after a couple tries I managed to get it passed the wall, but it took me too long to realise the login in the screen had been changed….. Anyway, once I wiped out the wrong login, it came right up, makes me feel a little stupid


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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